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                   HONORS & AWARDS
  The Noble Dynasty The Caputo Family association Awards program honors non-governmental organizations from throughout the world that demonstrate extraordinary effort, innovation, leadership, and excellence in providing service to humanity. Noble Dynasty not only recognizes prominent international NGOs, but also the smaller, lesser-known NGOs in the least developed countries, whose exemplary service and success may have gone unnoticed and unappreciated on the international stage.

In addition to recognition of NGOs, Noble Dynasty also honors outstanding individuals whose work involves them with the non-governmental community. The Prince of Antioch Medal Award is Noble Dynasty's highest award to individuals, and is presented annually to an individual who contributes significantly to the Cultural, Humanitarian, Monetary and Historical promulgation of the Caputo Family Association or to causes of the same spirit from around the world.

Laurus Nobilis Awards are bestowed in return for selfless generosity and support because these gifts are doing something positive and worthwhile to support our humanitarian work worldwide. However, not every person who offers a gift or contribution can or will be honored.

Major support capital for our worldwide works are raised through our financial benefactors, we return this kindness by conferring a Laurus Nobilis Award of the Caputo Family Association. Our Council may recommend to our Association, people who have performed great service in support and shares our philanthropic works.

Awards and honors are given to people in recognition of service, achievement, excellence, good deeds, or for other reasons.

In Noble Dynasty recognition is important to any local or state council’s livelihood. Members deserve to be recognized for their contribution to the Organization’s growth and their participation in the programs and activities of the Association. Noble Dynasty certificates are unique way to honor the outstanding accomplishment of deserving members and their families.

The Caputo Family Association gives annual awards for outstanding work for the help given for Christian Sponsorship in third world countries, to institute the feeding of the poor and outstanding work to helping all in need. Be it education, to promote the work in Orphanages or helping supply clothing and food or medicine for people in countries that are in need.

It is the belief of the members of the Caputo Family Association that all sponsors, "members or associates" should be substantially rewarded for  work done around the world in the name of the Association for humanitarian activities.

Recognizing that good works are carried out daily by individuals of all walks of life, and in order to foster charitable works, the Association honors members of the general public who render exceptional service to worthy causes, through the granting of the Laurus Nobilis Award" of the Organization, which is awarded in one of three grades:   

Distinguished Member (A Person having contributed humanitarian assistance to any country and or contributed in field of commerce, art, etc.).



Very Distinguished Member (Those who have demonstrated charitable contribution to an orphanage, elderly people, charitable house, etc. over a period of time or in substantial amount).





The Most Distinguished Member

 This highest Award, awarded to a person who has assisted monetarily to the Caputo Family Association.


These awards come as a certificate only and the respective Laurus Nobilis Award may be displayed by the holder on his website or wherever he thinks fit.

The Laurel Wreath

a. In ancient Greece, victorious athletes during the Olympics, which are held to this day, were crowned with a wreath made of laurel leaves. The Laurel Tree has associations with the Sun God, Apollo, and the tree is known as well for its medicinal virtues. While athletes are no longer given laurel wreathes, the laurel crown is identified with achieving victory, success, and excellence. Writers and poets who were given awards for their work were called Poet Laurettes, and still are to this day!  In ancient times, laurel crowns were a sign of victory. Kings wore them in addition to crowns of gold and a laurel wreath was awarded to a victor in battle or to those who excelled in their chosen field. Often used in the plural.

b. Honor and glory won for great achievement. Often used in the plural.

tr.v. lau·reled also lau·relled, lau·rel·ing also lau·rel·ling, lau·rels also lau·rels.

1. To crown with laurel.

2. To honor, especially with an award or a prize.

Download  Application for Nomination of Laurus Nobilis Award. Ensure name is spelled correctly.




THE CAPUTO FAMILY ASSOCIATION recognizes service and individual contribution to its aims and activities, but also to such causes that are of the same spirit as that of the Association.


The Black Falcon Medal is designed to meet all those who contribute to efforts for Progress, for the Well-being, Culture, and the Understanding of International Solidarity and Augment and for the success of the projects of the Caputo Family Association.

Medals:  2  inc. Antique Bronze with Bold stars and a proud laurel wreath combine to a striking design that brings out the strength and vitality in the logo. It comes with with three colored  ribbon.

 Color red: Military strength and magnanimity

Color white: Peace and sincerity

Color Blue:  Truth and loyalty

The Prince of Antioch Medal is the highest honor, bestowed to individuals who have contributed significantly to the Cultural, Humanitarian, Monetary and Historical promulgation of the Caputo Family Association or to causes of the same spirit from around the world.

Medals:  2  inc. Antique Gold with Bold stars and a proud laurel wreath combine to a striking design that brings out the strength and vitality in the logo. It comes with one colored  ribbon

Color Gold: Generosity. Evokes the feeling of prestige. The meaning of gold is illumination, wisdom, and wealth. Gold often symbolizes high quality.


Any person or persons may make a nomination by completing a nomination form and forwarding it to the Caputo Family Association

Honors are given to people from all walks of life and all sections of society who have made a difference to their community.
The number of honors available is strictly limited and therefore, however valuable their service, not everyone can receive recognition. It is important to realize that an honor will not automatically follow a submission. The type and level of award need not be stated.

There are no deadlines for the receipt of nomination forms. Nominations should be made while the nominee is still active and, if possible, at least 6 months before he/she is expected to retire or stand down.

If, after 6 months, your nominee has not been successful you may assume the nomination has lapsed.

You may send additional information to support the nomination at any time, and we will ensure that this is considered with the existing papers. The Caputo Family Association should also be advised if there has been any important change to the information supplied on the nomination form, such as the home address of the nominee.

Download Application for Nomination for Laurus Nobilis Awards
Download Application for Membership and or Medal of Merit Awards in Caputo Family Association
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All correspondence should be sent to the Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Caputo Family Association:

Noble Dynasty Office

Postal Mail to the Awards may be sent to:



13 Ave. "A" 15-73, zona 11, Col. Loma Linda,

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