International Federation of

Historical Families Association (IFHFA)


Family history is a fascinating hobby that explores our relatives' past.

The International Federation of Historical Families Association (IFHFA) is a charity organization and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Caputo Historical Families Association (TCHFA)

Our goal is to promote encourage and foster the study of family history, genealogy and heraldry and in furthering this to co-ordinate and assist the work of Member Associations/Societies and Bodies interested in family history, genealogy and heraldry.

Some families will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. In the background of history, most devastating wars and economic crises stand the ambitions and thirst for power of influential families that were in charge. People, governments and even countries were pawns that they played to mold human civilization, as we know it.

The Federation assists TCHFA and its member associations or societies to market their family history resources; any surplus is donated as appropriate to assist TCHFA in its charitable work for street children.

An organization comprised of a set of smaller organizations or companies, which seeks to bring attention to issues of importance to its members. Each organization that comprises the Federation maintains control over its own operations. For example, a group of small businesses in a related industry might form a federation in order to lobby the government for laws favorable to small businesses.

Membership of the IFHFA is open to all Local History Societies, Archaeological Societies, Family or Genealogical Societies and Local Museums. Similar organizations can link with the Federation through Associate Membership. The Federation also welcomes membership from individuals who have an interest in Local History.

Using our website, social media and other means of communication, we ensure that family history news, book reviews and guidance on how to learn more about the subject are readily available to member societies and to the public.

The Federation publishes an e-newsletter every two months covering genealogy news, resources and events. It is a great, free guide for both beginners and experts explaining how to grow your family tree and discover your ancestry.

Being involved is Being Aware: The Benefits of Belonging to the Federation. Most of us can say easily that without the support of our peers and the professional organizations to which we belong, we would not be nearly as successful with our programs. This is largely because we are part of a uniquely non-competitive field. 


The International Federation of Historical Families Association allows for a congregation of intelligent, like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of their industry to gather and provide participants with access to a variety of opinions and ideas. 


Membership in the federation exposes you to new opportunities and people that could help you now and in the future. You are developing a network in which you are meeting like-minded people from other organizations that face similar challenges and who may be able to provide insights into solutions that have worked for them.


In the process, you are reaping the benefits of increased credibility, broadened knowledge, potential career opportunities and last but certainly not least lifelong friendships.


The increasing interest in family history is one of the most significant aspects of contemporary cultural movement, and in this sense, the role of family history can not be considered exhausted. This fact, in the light of the Constitution of Republics, can assume an important significance for society thematically related to the ruling classes and leaders of the past and what they have produced their works by helping to write the history of our country.


We believe in celebrating together

our faith, our heritage, our traditions

Our heritage was the greatest achievement of our ancestors, and our fathers kept it for us, we implant this heritage in the minds of our children, our heritage is a river full of light, which we take continuously to guide us to the good, to the prosperity in the future.

Our past is behind us but if we choose to forget it, we then choose to lessen the many sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Honoring our Ancestors

We live in an era determined by momentum and convenience. In such a time, it is easy to forget the personalities, lifestyles, events and epoch deeds which forged modern civilization as we know it. The study of history and genealogy provides a mode of reflection and acknowledgement of the people, places and processes responsible for the lives we enjoy today.

When you join your local history association/society, you are joining a lively group of enthusiastic people who share a common interest in local history, archaeology, and folklore. You do no need to have any particular qualification or high degree of knowledge of the subjects outlined, but as a member, you will learn much about your heritage in a most enjoyable way.


How the Federation operates


The Federation has a voluntary secretariat by which societies can help one another and combine to achieve results that could not be achieved by individual effort. The Annual General Meeting and Seminars, lectures and workshops provide an exciting exchange of ideas from all over the country.


The Federation’s Journal, the Local History Review, is published annually and its content reflects the widespread and growing interest in local history, which highlights the need for such an organization as the Federation.

Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research.


Support the Federation


Every gift made to the Federation of Historical Families Association is important for the future development of the study of history. We are a learned society with charitable status, receiving no government funding and reliant on philanthropic support.


The Federation continues in its work to support independent legitimate charities in Central America in their work to assist the elderly, to support street children and to promote the cultural legacy of Historical Families through education.



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