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Celebrating our heritage comes through in so many ways, we are who we are somewhat because of where we come from. Although our past does not define us, our perspective of the world can largely be shaped by the faith, heritage and traditions we choose to hold on.

 "Noble Dynasty" is the name to honoring admirable achievement pertaining to persons so distinguished of our ancestors. A "dynasty" is a series of leaders in the same family, could be a local business dynasty, in which four generations have made their fortune. Another kind of dynasty is found in sports; a team that wins many championships is a dynasty. 

Noble Dynasty The Caputo Family Association (or simply "Noble Dynasty") is an Institution of traditional entity without royal, sovereign or political power. Knowing your own history, or the history of your culture, is important because it helps us to know who we are while molding the future.

The International Nobility Association is a lineage society, serving to unite those of proven descend of former noble and notable historical importance families of the ancient Holy Roman Empire. The Association assists in educating members and interested parties in the history, culture, and tradition of the Caputo Family and the ancient Holy Roman Empire.  

The Association is a non-political, non-profit organization, it does not have any cash or benefits beyond the membership fees of its members and some grants from donors. Its aims are philanthropic, genealogical and directs donations to charitable organizations which provide food, shelter and medical treatment for disadvantaged people. It also provides direct aid to orphanages, the indigent elderly  and other people in need. 

Voting membership is exclusively reserved to descendants of individuals who were listed in the nobility or notable historic archives of the former Holy Roman Empire. No claim to royal, princely or ducal nobilityOther membership categories exist.

The Association is open, although, to worthy individuals who support the ideals of chivalry, nobility and goals of the Association. With the invitation to support and promote our ideals and take with us the difficult but rewarding path associated in the consciousness of what the role, both our own and each other, within the Association.

One of the purposes of the Association is precisely to promote awareness and dissemination of values and principles of the monarchy. This is the reason why are admitted as members of the Association, as honorary degree, to those Sovereigns, princes and members of legitimate royal families and of contrasted presence and knowledge in the world of nobility and chivalry, enjoy or not the recognition of their home states. 

The Association believes that the role of the nobility should not be considered exhausted and that it can, today, in the overall crisis of values that involves contemporary society, play a specific role and not easily replaceable, ideally linked to the great activity of the ruling classes passed. To this end, the Association intends to play a dual action, facing the inside of the aristocratic world to regroup in the common values ??and outward, with the intent to promote the positive role of the nobility.

Current Constitution of the Republic of Italy

The fourteenth transitory and final disposition of the current Constitution of the Republic of Italy did not intend to abolish noble titles, or even to forbid their use (Noble titles are not recognized. The predicates of those existing prior to 28 October 1922 are applicable as part of the name).

Since 1948, in Italy, the noble titles are no longer recognized although not prohibited, the effect of XIV transitory and final disposition of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, as confirmed by the Constitutional sentence 101 of 26 June 1967, will exclude  from the Legal sphere, for which they have no relevance, isolating them in an area exclusively privatized.  

Deplorably, the current lack of legal recognition and protection of the Italian state, created the proliferation of agencies, academies, institutions and groups working in various capacities in Italy and abroad, who accredit or recognize title of nobility or Knighthood Orders without requirements, outside of any concern or reference to standards basic Italian nobility.  In a system of uncontrolled bodies, anyone can make nobility or order of chivalry certificates publicly, even with the most imaginative creations, in leather and gold bond or on Internet sites.

All this, in addition to generating confusion with the historical and cultural heritage and the memory of ancient Italian families, sometimes it is also marked by schemes, scams and commodification, exploiting the distinctions of chivalry.  

In Italy uncorroborated claims to titles of nobility are completely normal. The use of titles is unregulated by Italian law, the titles are unrecognized; there exists no legal remedy except in clear cases of impersonation for criminal purposes.

It is also believed that there are around two thousand families holding untrue titles or who are convinced they are nobles. The false nobles are those who misinterpret the real and not acclaimed state of nobility, showing off coats of arms and crowns that were obtained, often in good faith or due to their lack of ignorance in the matter, from ´princes´ with imaginary claims.

The various heraldic and genealogical agencies and societies cannot grant legal recognition to a title of nobility, though many would have you believe otherwise. Yet, accurate genealogical research is the only mechanism that can prove a valid claim.

There are, however, several institutions which occasionally recognize Italian nobiliary titles in some way, albeit not on behalf of the Italian government. Private associations are absolutely not recognized by the Italian Republic and who, are unable to attribute any value to the legal titles of nobility, therefore plays no formal role.

The membership in The Caputo Family Association does not creates, or elevate a person into a status of Nobility or Knighthood. The Association makes no claim to ancient origins.  It is also not a reconstituted "Order of Knighthood". The Association has neither originated from nor associated with other Nobility House or Order of Chivalry. The Association does not claim to be royal against what might appear on some websites and makes no pretension or claim to be such. However, we stand ready, if interested in a genuine title of Chivalry, to assist you with the orders in the Royal House of Georgia. See page

While the president of  Caputo Family Association is descended from an ancient lineage, he makes no claim to royal, princely or ducal  and makes no pretension or claim to be such.

Cultural and Familial Association

The organization is, by character, a cultural and familial association to gather within the organization, without discrimination whatsoever, all persons whom may be interested to promote cultural, educational and social development; and to collaborate with other organizations and groups of similar character, in addition to assisting other organizations with the same purpose. Our purpose is the preservation and promotion of our culture.  

Celebrating our heritage comes through in so many ways--we are who we are somewhat because of where we come from.  Although our past doesn't define us, our perspective of the world can largely be shaped by the faith, heritage and traditions we choose to hold on to. 

Our heritage was the greatest achievement of our ancestors, and our fathers kept it for us, we implant this heritage in the minds of our children, our heritage is a river full of light which we take continuously to guide us to the good, to the prosperity in the future. 

Our past is behind us but if we choose to forget it, we then choose to lessen the many sacrifices made by our ancestors

Today, Noble Dynasty is granted as a Merit Award to a qualified individual regardless of religion, race, sex, or national origin for cultural or humanitarian contributions made on behalf of Noble Dynasty The Caputo Family Association anywhere in the world. They must also be a significant member of their field, and have achieved acknowledged professional recognition in this field.

We hope that through the abundance of information you will find in our website you will come to know more about the ancient principles, purposes and history of the Caputo Family Association and it?s philanthropic mission in the modern world.

The President of the Caputo Family Association is responsible for general operations and may create and fill positions within the Association to execute the Organization's vision.

We welcome you to join our Prestigious International Nobility Association. Noble Dynasty is a respected World Class Association. A group of humans broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture.



From time to time, people generously offer to contribute money to the organization. All donations, regardless of the amount, are most appreciated. To those who have so generously donated in the past, we are truly grateful for your commitment and dedication. However, your continued support is constructive as the truth of the matter is: you can create a great legacy, and inspire others, by giving it to philanthropic organizations.

We’ve always respected those who tried to change the world for the better, rather than just complain about it.